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Australia Day Pub Quizzes

26th January

Big Down Under - Australia Day pub quiz

The History of Australia Day

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia, celebrated 26th January. It celebrates the date of the landing of the First Fleet in Port Jackson in 1788, the unfurling of th British flag and the proclamation of British sovereignty. The fleet sought to establish a penal colony at Botany Bay, New South Wales, which had been previously explored by Captain James Cook.

Now a national public holiday, the day is celebrated by civic celebrations, music concerts, parades, and the Prime Minister traditionally makes an address to the nation.

The day is not without its controversies as some see Australia Day as a symbol of the adverse effects and treatment of the indiginous peoples of Australia.

Australian Decor

Australian motifs include kangaroos, surfers and cork hats. You might display Australian national flags or bunting.

Australian Food

A stereotypical food would be a bbq, featuring shrimps, prawn and seafoods.

The more exotic may want to try kangaroo or ostrich meat!!!

Australia Day Pub Quizzes

Check out our selection of Australia Day quizzes and Australia Day Quiz Questions:

Australia Day Picture Quizzes

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