Our Survey Said... A Quiz Format with a Difference

The typical pub quiz takes one of a number of formats - be it 40 mixed questions of general knowledge, or several rounds of specific themed trivia with or without a picture round or "table quiz". For a quiz with a difference, maybe to introduce a bit of novelty into your quiz night, how about "Our Survey Said..." style quiz.

You will be familiar with the format from the popular television shows such as Family Fortunes where a survey is conducted of typically 100 people, and the aim is to guess the answers that were given, with more points being scored for the most popular answers.


Ensure that before the quiz starts that you have printed enough answer sheets for your players.The answer sheets should allow spaces for the teams to put the top five answers. An example answer sheet can be seen here:

Our survey said pub quiz

They should each add their team name onto the sheet – you may want to impose a size limit on the teams involved.

Once everyone is settled, and everyone who requires an answer sheet has one, you should commence with reading the survey questions out to the room. Ensure that everyone can hear you, and if necessary repeat the question several times before moving on.

You will probably want your quiz to last an hour or so, and so you should leave a brief interval between each question. This will give players time to allow discussions amongst themselves. To give the quiz a more personal feel, you might like to suggest that the survey was conducted locally, when asking the question.

The players should decide amongst themselves the most popular answers for each question, and then rank their answers from 1 to 5 on the answer sheet. Unlike a typical quiz this format will require negotiation and discussion between the players to come to a decision on placement of the answers. Remember also that the trick is to guess what those surveyed said, and not necessarily the “correct” answer – after all those surveyed often come up with bizarre answers, as can be seen in our blog at: http://pubsquiz.blogspot.com/2012/02/our-survey-said-what-crazy-mothers.html

Once all the questions have been asked, take a break – this is a good opportunity to allow people to get to the bar for drinks, or to provide food as part of your quiz evening.

Finally you will read out the answers to the questions. Players score one point for each correct answer they have entered for each question, irrespective of which order they put them in. They should also score a bonus point if they have managed to guess the top answer for each question, so there is a maximum of 6 available points per question. Once all answers have been provided and scored, you should create a bit of drama by establishing the scores of the teams in ascending order.

You will want to provide an appropriate prize for the winning team. You might also optionally want to provide a runners up prize,and even a booby prize for the lowest scoring team.

Remember the golden rule for your quiz event: IT SHOULD BE FUN.

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Good luck with your quiz…

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