Our Quiz Survey Said: What!?! Crazy Mothers!

At PubsQuiz.co.uk we recently undertook an exercise to survey our mailing list to help us compile a series of "Our Survey Said"/"Family Fortunes" type questions. The idea was simple, we ask the question, the newsletter subscribers would send us the first answer which came to mind - and we would record the most popular answers to compile our finished quiz.

What we were perhaps not so prepared for, though watching the tv show for decades should have readied us, was some of the more humorous or bizarre answers which were supplied. And so for purposes of humour and education we have provided some of the more unusual responses here.

Name a species of dinosaur?

We can probably thank films like Jurassic Park for popularising the obvious top answer of Tyranosaurus Rex, as it has been demonised and turned into a ferocious hulking killer, something nightmares are made of. Other dinosaurs which featured in the survey responses were Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Diplodocus and Pteradactyl. Given the Jurassic Park influence it is surprising Velociraptor did not feature more prominently. No chicken sized Compsognathus either...

Name a famous London tourist attraction?

Buckingham palace? Downing Street? The Millenium Dome/O2 Arena perhaps? Not with our survey. The most popular London Landmark which comes to mind is the iconic London Eye.

Name an item you would find in the garden?

Tools of various kinds featured (rakes, hoes, spades, forks). This was followed in popularity by flowers and plants, garden sheds. But the answers also reflected the broad range of different things people keep in their gardens: swings, trampolines, lawn mowers, hoses, garden gnomes, bird tables, fish ponds, bbqs, trees, plant pots, sundials. And one respondent apparently owns a fountain....

Name a television puppet character?

The responses to this question must betray the [unverified] range of ages of the people who responded to the survey. Whilst the top answers were as expected, with Sooty and Basil Brush, less popular answers included Gordon the Gopher, Captain Scarlet, Finger Mouse, Troy Tempest, and Andy Pandy. Perhaps equally surprising then is that neither mangy Hartley Hare or Bagpuss featured. Stranger answers that did included cartoon character Bart Simpson and Teletubby La-La.

Name an activity you do with one hand?

The question immediately begs a x-rated answer, and indeed our respondents obliged with what one reply referred to as "Indulge in Oneism", and which we tweely categorised as "the naughty thing". In the interests of politeness you might want to wash your one hand before partaking of the other responses: shaking hands, writing, shaving, painting, playing darts or brushing your teeth...

Name an activity enjoyed by pensioners?

Not dead yet, but hoping whistfully for the grave according to our survey. Activities enjoyed by our elder citizens according to our scientifically conducted poll include drinking, gossiping, being grumpy, moaning, sleeping and death. For those still this side of the hereafter, other activities included bowling, knitting, golf, coach trips, sex and jigsaws. Oh joy.

Name a member of the Royal Family?

The results for this question confirmed what you might expect, that whilst the Queen is greatly respected, the younger royals are more popular than their preceeding generation. Harry and William polled higher than their father Charles, with Harry also being more popular than his brother.

What is a popular name for a dog?

We should have known better than to ask something like this. Apart from the names Rover (16 responses), and Rex (6) almost every response was for a completely different name, ranging from Fido, Spot, Ben and Max to Deefor (as in "D for" dog), Shep, Bonzo, Gerald, Patch,Monty, Bello, Bruno, Buster, etc etc. Everyone has their unique favourite.

Not so great when trying to compile a bloody quiz though...

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