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International Speak Like a Pirate Day Pub Quizzes

19th September

Pirates pub quiz, speak like a pirate day pub quiz

International Speak Like a Pirate Day

Q Why are pirates called pirates?
A Because they "Aargh!"

19th September has been designated as the International Speak Like A Pirate Day shipmates. Ye be speaking like a pirate on this day or ye be walking the plank or keel hauled 'neath the ship fer mutiny.

Host Your Own Pirate Themed Event

To capitalise you could host a pirate themed quiz night, or pirate themed event in full pirate garb - featuring eye patches, hooks for hands, parrots and flaggons of ale and rum.

Of course no pirate event would be complete without the skull and crossbones motif flying on flags around your venue.

Just dont go taking anyones eye out with a cutlass, or give anyone the black spot, as the police might consider this a death threat and take appropriate action!!!

Pirate Food and Drink

From a drink perspective the theme should be carribean drinks - perhaps rum laced cocktails, as well as good old pirate shots of rum and whisky. Unfortunately the ships crew mostly ate poorly and got scurvy and rickets...

And finally...

Dont forget to talk like a pirate... arrgh!!!

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International Speak Like a Pirate Day  pub quiz
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International Speak Like a Pirate Day Picture Quizzes

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