Types of Quiz - Pub Quiz Variations

PubsQuiz.co.uk offers 2 types of pub quiz - the standard weekly quiz, and the bingo quiz.

Standard Weekly Quiz

Our weekly quiz is a full expertly compiled quiz comprising six themed rounds (60 questions in total), including picture round of 10 questions.

weekly quiz pack including picture round

The quiz is supplied by email to you in pdf format, allowing you to print as many picture quiz and answer sheets as you require for your quiz night.

A new quiz is added every Monday evening, and orders placed after midnight Sunday will receive the next weeks quiz.

Bingo Quiz

Your weekly bingo quiz provides a picture round of 10 questions, and a selection of 26 general knowledge questions.

Before your quiz commences, distribute the picture quiz round and bingo quiz answer sheets to the participating teams.

Players should write their answers to the questions in the left hand column, and then write the question number at random into an empty cell in the grid.

bingo quiz answer sheet

When all the teams are ready you should commence reading the questions from the question sheet, and the players should complete their answers as above.

When the quiz is over, you should read out the answers, and the players should mark the correct answers in the grid.

You should award a prize to the first team to get a complete line running from the left side of the grid to the right side, the line could be directly horizontal, or any combination of routes provided the line is unbroken. You should be aware that because different teams may get different answers right, but place their answers at random into the grid, it is possible for more than one team to get a line at the same time.

bingo quiz winning lines

Finally, a prize should be awarded to the team getting the most correct answers. In the event of a draw, you can either award a prize to each team, or use the tie breaker/nearest the mark question to determine a winner.

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