Publicity For Your Quiz Night (pt1) - Consider All Angles

It is all well and good that you put lots of effort into your quiz night, that you craft the perfect blend of questions, and run of lots of picture quiz rounds, but what if nobody turns up? Are you maximising your revenues by advertising your quiz?

Pub quizzes are very popular events and hosting a pub quiz will likely draw visitors to your pub or quiz venue who might not otherwise have come along. The pub quiz has increasingly become a British obsession. This means that it makes sense to publicise your quiz event as widely as possible, to draw in as many players as possible.

Get the Word Out - tell them and they will come...

Word of mouth is the obvious first step. Let your friends, family and regulars all know that you have a quiz, and when. If you are offering a prize, or you are providing a buffet or food as an accompaniment to the evening, then make sure you mention that too.

And get your staff involved! You and your bar staff should ask when serving customers if they might be interested in attending the pub quiz. It might not be their "thing", but on the other hand they may have friends or relatives who might be interested. On the night of the event, before the quiz, pro-actively go round with the quiz sheets and ask if regulars would like to participate in the quiz, rather than re-actively wait for them to ask for answer sheets.

Your quiz itself should naturally include a couple of formalities - the first is that you should welcome the contestants to the quiz. Be sure to also mention at the end of your quiz that your contestants should invite and welcome friends and family along to the next event - the more the merrier. Leave them knowing when the next event is - if they enjoyed themselves, they are sure to be back.

Keep Them Posted - with Posters!!!

As well as your word of mouth efforts, you will want to include posters in your armoury of marketing and advertising efforts. The great thing about posters is that they can convey information in a more complete way than perhaps a brief chat at the bar. They should clearly include the date, the time, and if necessary the location. Prizes could also be detailed, or emphasise if the quiz is in support of a local charity. All in a tidy A3 or A4 visual presentation which grabs the attention.

weekly quiz poster for your pub quiz

These should be prominently placed around your venue for maximum effect, up to date, and clearly present your message. If the quiz has a theme, then use a themed poster to emphasise that.

The posters are your way to reach people who may fall through your net of word of mouth advertising. Someone sat in your pub will be able to digest the details at their leisure. At we have a range of general and themed quiz posters in pdf format for you to use and print to help promote your quiz event.


You might want to print out flyers to hand out, or leave on your tables. Casual visitors can pick these up and take onboard the details without you having to be particularly "in your face". Other local businesses such as locale cafes and newsagents might be willing to hand these out to customers to promote the area, and events in the area. And if you feel particularly energetic you might want to put these through the letterboxes of potential customers who live nearby. The flyer might be a smaller replica of your poster, or include additional information about prizes.

What about the World Wide Web?

If you pub quiz is included in a web directory, or some pub listing site, see if your listing details your quiz night information. We at have a pub directory of 26,000 pubs, and from time to time receive queries as to local pubs holding quiz nights, but we do not currently hold consistent levels of deatil on this front. However, let us know a handful of basic details about your quiz night, and we will try and include it in our directory listing.

So check that your venue is in our directory, and then make sure we know when your quiz is!!! You can contact us on And next time someone asks us about quiz nights in your area, we can direct them to you...

More Exposure - The Local Press

For more ambitious events, or if there is something a bit unusual or out of the ordinary about your event you might be able to employ the assistance of your local or regional press. Local newspapers will look for local intrerest stories to fill out their pages, and the more regularly they publish, the more pages they need to fill. And if your event is sufficiently newsworthy, you may even get regional or national exposure.

Watch out for our future blog on publicising your event and we will set out how to court your local journalists and the press to maximise your exposure.

So, in Summary:

  • Tell everybody about your quiz before the event, make sure they known when it is.
  • After your quiz, remind them when the next one is!!!
  • Use word of mouth to spread the message.
  • Use posters to visually promote your quiz
  • Think about using flyers and handouts.
  • Remember to promote your quiz online too.
  • Can you harness the local press to help promote your quiz?

As ever, if you have some technique or advice for promoting your local quiz night which we have not included here then we are eager to hear from you, and for you to share your wisdom and expertise.

Hope your quiz night is a great success...

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