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General Knowledge
1In which year was the Act of Union in which Scotland was incorporated into the United Kingdom?
2What is the capital city of Scotland?
3To the nearest million, what was the population of Scotland in 1980?
    5 million
4What is the old Latin name given to the northernmost reaches of Britain by The Romans?
5Which is the largest non-Christian religion in Scotland?
6Which mainly Glaswegian pop group had hits in the late 1980s with 'Dignity' and ''Chocolate Girl?
    Deacon Blue
7Which Glaswegian female singer gave birth to a daughter called Mysty Kyd in September 2002?
    Sharlene Spiteri of pop group Texas
8What is the title of the second of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter tales?
    The Chamber of Secrets
9Alex Kapranos is lead singer and guitarist with which group?
    Franz Ferdinand
10Dougie Payne and Francis Healy are members of which pop group?
11Who was the legendary patron head of a cannibalistic family in 15th century Scotland?
    Sawney Bean
12In which city can the Tolbooth Jail be found?
13In which city is The Herald newspaper published?
14The Tay Rail Bridge spans the River Tay between the suburb of Wormit in Fife and which city?
15True or false - Loch Ness holds more fresh water than is held in all of England and Wales combined?

Nearest The Mark / Tie Breaker
To the nearest thousand, what was the population of Edinburgh in 1982?

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