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General Knowledge
1What creature appears on the Welsh national flag?
    A red dragon
2Which English King conquered Wales in 1282?
    Edward I
3Where is The Prince of Wales invested?
4To the nearest thousand square kilometres what is the land area of Wales?
    21,000 square kilometers
5To the nearest million, what was the population of Wales in 2001?
    3 million
6In which year was Prince Charles invested as The Prince of Wales?
7In which city does the National Assembly of Wales sit?
8How many MPs represent Wales in the British House of Commons?
9Which Newport group had a hit with 'Guns Don't Kill People - Rappers Do'?
    Goldie Looking Chain
10Who secured her first recording contract with Sony Classical at 12 years of age?
    Charlotte Church

Nearest The Mark / Tie Breaker
In which year was Saint David born?
    512 AD
In which year was Saint David canonised by Pope Callixtus II?

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