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General Knowledge
1What was the name of the dragon that lived in the furnace of Ivor The Engine?
2In which century did Wales cease to be independently ruled?
    13th Century (Conquered in 1282 by Edward I)
3In which year was the National Assembly for Wales formed?
4To the nearest million, what was the population of Wales in 2001?
    3 million
5In which year did Plaid Cymru win their first Parliamentary seat in a by election?
6In which year was Prince Charles invested as The Prince of Wales
7Which Newport group includes members Duain Xain Zedong, 2Hats, Maggot, Billy Webb, Eggsy?
    Goldie Looking Chain
8Who is popularly referred to as 'The Voice of an Angel'?
    Charlotte Church

Nearest The Mark / Tie Breaker
In which year was Saint David canonised by Pope Callixtus II?

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