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General Knowledge
1Can you name the publicity shy lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys?
    Alex Turner
2They tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no! no! no!
    Amy Winehouse
3Which group had a brief comeback with Rock Steady?
    All Saints
4Which group had a hit with Wires from their second album Tourist?
5Which folk singer released the single 9 Crimes from his second album?
    Damien Rice
6Who ranted about The Way I Am in a dark hit in 2000?
    Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
7Who were responsible for the apalling and almost incomprehensible song Chaccaron?
    El Chombo
8Who sang Give It To Me in 2007 with Justin Timberlake and Nellie Furtardo?
9Who released Fit But You Know It from the album A Grand Dont Come For Free?
    The Streets
10Who had hits with Alcoholic, Four To The Floor and Silence Is Easy?

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