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General Knowledge
1In which year was the Comic Relief organisation founded?
2On whose Late, Late Breakfast Show was the charity launched?
    Noel Edmunds
3Which two organisations/companies are the main supporters of Comic Relief?
    BBC and Sainsburys
4What is the main way in which Comic relief currently raises money?
    Red Nose Day
5Which comedian performed as The Doctor in a parody of Doctor Who in 1999?
    Rowan Atkinson
6March 16th, a regular Red Nose Day, is notable for being the only day nobody committed which grim act, between 1993 and 2002 in the UK?
    Commit suicide
7Who stood outside the studio, at the top of a pole in 2003, parodying the stunts of David Blaine?
    Jack Dee
8Famed for their film spoofs, who appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Azerbaijhan in 2003?
    Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
9In 1989 Red Nose Day was symbolised by a smiley face, but what was its name?
10What is black, white, black, white, black white?
    A nun rolling down a hill
11Who sang Living Doll for the charity in April 1986?
    Cliff Richard and The Young Ones
12What do you get if you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?
    A wooly jumper
13In 2006 Red Nose Day raised 38 million by 2:00am. How much had been raised by 8:30pm?
    7 million
14In which year was the first Red Nose Day?
15To the nearest hundered million, how much has been distributed to date (February 2007)?
    300 million
16Which spiky haired pop star sang Spirit in the Sky with The Kumars for Comic Relief?
    Gareth Gates
17What do you call four Barbie dolls in a row?
    A Barbie Queue (Barbeque)
18In which year was Comic Relief symbolised by The Big One (The Nose that Grows)?
19Who performed a Rally-oke in 2007 to raise money for Comic Relief?
    BBC Radion One dj Chris Moyles
20What is a shitsu?
    One with no animals
21How many millions were raised by the first televised Red Nose Day?
    15 million
22Who released the Comic Relief single Who Do You Think You Are in March 1997?
    The Spice Girls
23Which bohemian comedian is co-hosting the televised Comic Relief show in 2007?
    Russell Brand
24What do you get if you cross a labrador puppy with a rotweiller?
    A dog that scares the crap out of you then runs off with the toilet roll.

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