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General Knowledge
1Which song from Paint Your Waggon gave Lee Marvin an unexpected number one hit?
    Wand'rin' Star
2Which two DJs parodied Convoy as Laurie Lingo and The Dipsticks in 1976?
    Paul Burnett and Dave Lee Travis
3With which song did the Fantastics chart in 1971?
    Something Old, Something New
4Who thought that there was No one quite like Grandma?
    St Winifreds School Choir
5Which novelty hit kept Ultravox's Vienna fromthe number one spot in 1981?
    Shaddup You Face
6Name the 1978 tribute to the painter L.S.Lowry
    Matchstalk Men and Matchstalks Cats and Dogs
7Whose only hit was the 1985 UK number one Move Closer?
    Phyllis Nelson
8With which tune did M/A/R/R/S have a number one hit in 1987?
    Pump Up The Volume
9Who had a hit with Turtle Power in 1990?
    Partners in Kryme
10Who kept the Prodigy from achieving the Christmas number one with Smack My Bitch Up?
    Mr Blobby
11Which bizarre creature gave Sheb Wooley his only novelty number 1 hit?
    The Purple People Eater
12Who begged 'Tell Laura I Love Her' in 1962?
    Ricky Valance
13Who got to UK number 4 in 1986 with The Rain?
    Oran Juice Jones
14Which novelty number charted for The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band?
    I'm The Urban Spaceman
15Which pint sized comedian wailed 'My Boomerang Wont Come Back'?
    Charlie Drake
16Which kids classic soared to number 4 in the UK charts in 1984 for The Toy Dolls?
    Nellie The Elephant

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