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General Knowledge
1Name Stephen Kings first novel
2Name Stephen Kings second novel
    Salems Lot
3In which fictional town is the novel Needful things set?
    Castle Rock
4Name the Stephen King novel about a rabid dog.
5Which novel is about an old car which is a portal to another world?
    From A Buick 8
6Name the short novel which sees passengers stranded in an airport lost in time.
    The Langoliers
7How many books are there in The Dark Tower series?
8What nickname is given to the ravaging plague which wipes out mankind in The Stand?
    Captain Trips
9What is the surname of the psychic girl Carrie who is taunted and humiliated by her peers?
10Who played the title role in the 1976 film adaption of Carrie?
    Sissy Spacek
11Writer Thad Beaumont features in which Stephen Kind novel?
    The Dark Half
12Which King novel sees Derry, Maine terrrorised at 28 year intervals by a subterranean horror?
13What was built close to a Micmac Indian Burial Ground by grieving children?
    Pet Sematary
14Who played the role of reluctant psychic Johnny Smith in the 1983 movie The Dead Zone?
    Christopher Walken

Nearest The Mark / Tie Breaker
In 1986, what was the Gross National Product, per head of population in Austria to the nearest dollar?

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