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General Knowledge
1What does the cartoon character Fred Flintstone wear around his neck?
    A tie
2In The Simpsons, what are the names of Barts sisters?
    Lisa and Maggie
3What is the name of Postman Pat's cat?
4Whose girl friend was called Looby Lou?
    Andy Pandy
5What was the name of the school created by Phil Redmond?
    Grange Hill
6Which cartoon character was constantly trying to outsmart Officer Dibble?
    Top Cat
7In which cartoon series did Penelope Pitstop drive the Compact Pussycat?
    Wacky Races
8Which show featured Dr Zachary Smith?
    Lost in Space
9Which is the odd one out? Orinoco, Wellington, Tomsk or Seine?
    Seine. The others are Wombles.
10Which show featured The Ant Hill Mob?
    Wacky Races
11As well as Wacky Races, which other cartoon show featured Penelope Pitstop?
    The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
12In which year did Charlies Angels first air?
13In which year was The Cosby Show first shown in the UK?
14In the shoddy 1979 show B.J. and The Bear, what was the bear?
    A chimpanzee
15Who presented Hickory House before moving to Weatherfield?
    Amanda Barrie
16Who took us on a weekly tour of his Mysterious World, and generally scoffed at any of the mysteries?
    Arthur C Clarke
17Which character was played by Una Stubbs in Worzel Gumidge?
    Aunt Sally
18Count Duckula was a spin off from which series?
19Which show brought us Dirty Gerty at Number 30?
    Basil Brush
20What colour were the Froglets in the Clangers?
21Who had wings which were like a shield of steel?
22PC Selby was the constable in which series?
    Postman Pat
23Who went from Playaway to Brideshead Revisited?
    Jeremy Irons
24What was the name of the bear in Rainbow?
25In which childrens television did Willie Munn appear? Trumpton, Chigley, Camberwick Green?
26Which show featured a caretaker called Mr Bennet?
    Take Hart
27Which childrens programme featured Captain Haddock?
    Herges Adventures of Tintin
28Which show featured The Iron Chicken?
    The Clangers
29Who was the Police Commissioner for Gotham City?
    Commissioner Gordon
30Who was the arch enemy and nemesis of Dangermouse?
    Baron Silas von Greenback
31Who was a Tiswas presenter before becoming Doctor Who?
    Sylvester McCoy
32How many episodes of Bagpus were made?
33Belle and Sebastien were?
    A boy and his dog
34What was Grizzly Adams?
    A hermit
35Who fought a monster truck Goliath?
    Michael Knight (Knight Rider)
36Who flies an invisible jet aircraft?
    Wonder Woman
37The Cylons featured in which sci fi series?
    Battlestar Galactica
38What colour was Bagpus?
    Pink and white
39Who presented the 1983 Alphabet Zoo?
    Derek Griffiths
40Whose companions were Rigadon and Tico?
    Willy Fogg (in 80 Days Around the World)
41Name the cat in Willo The Wisp?

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