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General Knowledge
1What was the name of Captain Pugwashs ship?
    The Balck Pig
2In the Star Wars movies Han Solo won his ship, the Millenium Falcon, from who is a card game?
    Lando Calrissian
3Who had a hit with Sail Away in July 2001?
    David Gray
4In which year did the Village People release In the Navy?
5In what type of vessel did the owl and the pussycat put to sea?
    A beautiful pea green soup
6Which childrens television series stars Captain DJ, Lippy, Honk, Tonk and The Jingles?
    Space pirates
7Who released the UK garage album Original Pirate Material in 2002 which featured tracks Lets Push Things Forward and Dont Mug Yourself?
    The Streets
8Which childrens adventure film featured the legendary 17th century pirate One-Eyed Willy?
    The Goonies
9Who was the author of Jaws, about a huge man eating shark?
    Peter Benchley
10Name the 1980 film in which Michael Caine fights to save his son from an ancient race of Spanish pirates?
    The Island
11What is the name of the fourth film in the Pirates of the Carribean saga?
    Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides
12The Pirates of the Carribean films tell the story of which sea faring vagabond?
    Captain Jack Sparrow
13What name is commonly given to the pirate flag which features skull and crossbones?
    The Jolly Roger
14According to popular myth, by what device do pirates issue a death threat?
    The black spot
15Which African country is particularly reknowned for its modern day pirates?
16By what nickname was pirate Edward Teach known?
17Dancing the hempen jig refers to which form of criminal punishment for piracy?
18With which pirate would you associate J.M.Barrie?
    Captain Hook (from Peter Pan)
19Name the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta about pirates?
    The Pirates of Penzance
20Who was the author of Treasure Island, first published in 1881?
    Robert Louis Stevenson

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