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General Knowledge
1In Coronation Street, who was married to Phyllis, Renee and then Audrey?
    Alf Roberts
2The face of which Coronation Street star became the best selling image on t shirts in 1994?
    Reg Holdsworth
3Which Coronation Street left home in 1993 to move in with her boyfriend Craig?
    Tracy Barlow
4Which much loved Character returned to the Street in 2002 after finding herself left penniless?
    Bet Lynch
5What was the nationality of Elsie Tanner's husband, Steve?
6Which ITV company makes Coronation Street
7True or false, Stan Ogden had a brief career as a professional wrestler?
8What was the name of the son of Jack and Annie Walker?
    Billy Walker
9In 1998 Tony Blair appealed for the release of which character?
    Deidre Rashid
10Name the son of Jack and Vera Duckworth
    Terry Duckworth
11What is the name of the pub that Liz Macdonald used to be the landlady of?
    The Queens
12Which character had his leg amputated after crashing his car in a suicide attempt?
    Don Brennan
13Which character was played by actor Phil Middlemass?
    Des Barnes
14In what year did Derek Wilton die?
15Who proposed to Elsie after his first wife Nellie died, and then later married Rita?
    Len Fairclough
16Which character was awarded an OBE after serving 3 terms as Mayor of Weatherfield?
    Alf Roberts
17Which couple renewed their wedding vows in a 1997 video Viva Las Vegas?
    The Duckworths (Jack and Vera)
18Name 2 of Deidres 3 husbands.
    Ray Langton, Ken Barlow, Samir Rashid
19True or false, Vera Duckworths first name is Veronica?
20How did Brian Tilsley die in Coronation Street?
    He was stabbed
21Who is Ashley Peacocks father?
    Fred Elliott
22What is the name of the adjacent street to Coronation Street?
    Rosamund Street
23Who is the father of Sarah Louise Platt?
    Brian Tilsey, though he died thinking she was not his.
24What was Alan Bradleys daughter's name?
    Jenny Bradley
25Who killed drug dealing Jez Quigley?
    Jim Macdonald

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