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General Knowledge
1In the antiques investigations series which ran 1986-1993, who played the lead role in Lovejoy?
    Ian McShane
2In which year was racial satire Love Thy Neighbour first broadcast in the UK?
3Dubbed as Fantasy Island on a cruise liner, which show featured Gavin MacLeod as Captain Merrill Stubing?
    The Love Boat
41980s drama Chancer was an early outing for which UK Hollywood A lister?
    Clive Owen
5Which US drama brought us characters Michael Kuzak, Grace Van Owen, Victor Sufuentes?
    LA Law
6Who presented the Krypton Factor?
    Gordon Burns
7Which spin off of Dallas lasted 13 years?
    Knots Landing
8Sid Snot and Cupid Stunt were creations of which comic genius?
    Kenny Everett
9Jan Francis and Paul Nicholas played characters in a will-they wont-they relationship in which television show?
    Just Good Friends
10Which tv police drama was set in the fictional northern town of Hartley?
    Juliet Bravo
11If Stephen Fry played Jeeves, who played Wooster?
    Hugh Laurie
12Like a scary Treasure Hunt with helicopters, a black clad menace and wrist mounted lazers to shoot backpacks. Name the show.
13Which show created by Phil Redmond is based in Chester?
14Who played Tom and Barbara Good in The Good Life?
    Richard Briers and Felicity Kendall
15Which notorious television programme was broadcast only once on 31st October 1992?
    Ghostwatch starring Michael Parkinson, Sarah Green, Mike Smith and Craig Charles
16Fulton Mackay played the captain with his dog Sprocket, but where was his lighthouse?
    Fraggle Rock

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