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General Knowledge
1What in airforce slang is a kiwi or penguin?
    A non flying member of the airforce.
2What drug is known in the U.S as doobie?
3What in boxing parlance is a pug?
    A boxer
4What type of creature is a balisaur?
    A badger
5What is a badigeon used for?
    Repairing masonry
6What is a bellarmine a type of?
7What in New Zealand is a kumera?
    A sweet potato
8What is a hornbeam? A bird or a tree?
    A tree
9What is geoponics?
    The science of agriculture
10What were fuggers?
    German merchants
11What type of creature is a galah - a cockatoo or a kangaroo?
12What is farina?
    A type of meal or flour
13If something is dendriform, what is it shaped like?
    A tree
14What is chiminage?
    A toll for passing through a forest
15What animal is affected by the disease braxy?
16What item of clothing is also known as a filibeg?
    A kilt
17What would you do with a zloty in Poland?
    Spend it
18What does the phrase mae culpa mean?
    My fault (I am guilty)
19What sort of creature is a scup?
    A fish
20What type of animal is a kob?
    An antelope
21What O is the name given to a piece of music opening a concert?
22What name is given to the syrup made from pomegranite juice used in various cocktails?
23What is the name for a small group of whales or seals?
    A pod
24What in Ireland is a loy?
    A spade
25What C is the name given to the French speaking inhabitants of Louisiana?
26What 'ology is the study of bumps on the head?
27What O is the opposite of the word transparent?
28What name is given to the science of grape growing?
29What is the alternative name of the tree known as the mountain ash?
30What part of an insects body joins its head to its body?
31What name is given to the light winds which blow across the equatot?
32What is the name of the largest artery in the human body?
33By what name is a Tibetan ox better known?
34What is the name of the science of the study of time?
35What word means favouring of relatives or friends?
36What name is given to the ova of frogs?
37Which word of Hindu origin literally means dust coloured?
38What L is the Latin word for liquid?
39What is the Latin for I (refering to the self)
40If a face was described as rugose, what would it be?

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