PUBSQUIZ Quiz Information is the premier online resource for generating customised quizzes to meet your specific pub quiz needs.

YOU decide how many quiz questions you want.
YOU decide what categories of quiz question to include.
YOU decide whether you want a themed quiz.
YOU decide if you want a quiz aimed at a specific age group.

You make the decisions, and WE do the hard work for you.

Our pub quiz questions

We maintain a vast database of thousands of trivia and pub quiz questions, across a wide range of subjects, such as history, television, music and general knowledge - all drawn from numerous reference sources, all verified and checked.

Our typical pub quiz consists of a general knowledge round, a picture round and one or more tie breaker or nearest the mark questions. You have the option to select from as many or as few quesion categories, and target age ranges that you like. For the richest pub quiz experience we recommend that you select from as wide a range of categories and age ranges as possible. All our categories include a selection of easy and more difficult questions. We believe that the ideal pub quiz allows most participants to obtain about 2/3 of the answers, to make them feel that they have a realistic chance of winning, but contain enough tougher questions to determine an overall winner.

By keeping your selections as broad as possible, you will generate a quiz which appeals to the broadest audience.

Additional formats of pub quiz, and new themed quizzes will be added in the very near future.

Themed Quizzes

We maintain a large number of themed quizzes - a selection are available for free, but a number of additional quizzes are also available to registered PubsQuiz customers.

Do I have to register to generate a pub quiz?

You do not need to register as a PubsQuiz customer in order to generate quizzes, however, you will pay a premium rate for any quizzes you wish to generate.

To get quizzes at a discounted rate, then why not become a registered member. There are also other benefits to registration - as a registered member you can manage and maintain a directory listing for your pub, club or quiz venue. Visitors to the web site can search our database, and locate your pub based on location, features and available sevices, forthcoming events, or even your menu.

How do I generate a quiz?

Generating a quiz is simple. Our pub quiz genaration wizard guides you through the process of selecting the sections you want, and which age ranges and question categories you would like to include. Once we have this information we can create a unique quiz which specifically caters for your particular needs and targets your particular audience.

Once generated, your quiz will be available to view online, but we will also email a copy of your pub quiz to your email address.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are exceptional competitive compared to other services provided by our competitors. We do not hold any stock, because everything is electronic and automated on demand, we do not have any mailing costs. For these reasons we can offer the most comprehensive services at the most incredible prices.

See our membership packages and prices.

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